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=D Squee!; Flounder; Little Mermaid
Woke up wanting to draw Rochelle Goyle from Monster High a little more gargoyle-y.
A nice way to finish up a sketchbook. I should have completed this sketchbook last November but I fell off the drawing horse for awhile.
Anyway, Rochelle! She's a cutie and I'm a sucker for gargoyles. Especially for Greg Weisman Gargoyles.

trying to draw

Me face
Zelda/ Sheik and fairies.

Commission Tenchi Takeda

Me face
Here's a commission of my friend's original comic character, Tenchi Takeda, from a new graphic novel he's making titled Qi-Boon.

My friend informed me that this guy knows he looks and doesn't mind showing it. It was also mentioned that he likes to flex his muscles. This pose was the funnest to look at and I'm lucky my friend let me go with it!

So here's Tenchi in all his muscular glory!
Commish_ Habtoons-Trevon_Tenchi22222222


Me face
Warm-up doodle.

I've always liked Zelda in blue.
zelda window

Commissions: Edie Sedgwick and Jade

Me face
A couple of commissions I recently completed.

First one is for a friend's friend who wanted Edie Sedgwick.

Second one if of, and for, jadeskyewalker!


commish_sketch Jade2222222222


Me face
Silly nonsense I’ve meant to doodle for sometime now.
Wind down doodle.

Sisters. Sisters everywhere.

g kids22222

"Let the storm rage on..."

Goofy; Curtsy, Swim Trunks
loz_ganny cold1

I’ve been wanting to draw Ganny in the cold and wondered about his first experiences in the snow and such. One idea is that by the time he’s off recruiting minions and what not he’s pretty numb to certain sensations. And the cold? Pfff, it ain’t that cold brah!

loz_ganny cold2

But who am I kidding? Us hot dry desert dwellers don’t fare well in the not-hot.

first doodles

Me face

first doodles of the new year.

it shows I'm rusty at this.

Ganny and Link.

I think...

link ganny doodles

Monster High CA Cupid

Bats Cats; kisses

I admit that when Cupid first came out I wasn't head over heels over her. But as time has passed I've come to really like her. One night I was looking at ebay listings of her and as I whined to my friend how ridiculous some of the prices on these were she went and won an auction for me as a Christmas present! Sadly, she is missing her bone wings and arrow ring, but I love her non the less! Hopefully, the wings will show up somewhere at a decent price and i can snag them up.

I did a few modifications to her dress such as a big tulle ribbon on the back, a puffier tulle petticoat, and a pink ribbon "belt." Unsure about the double ribbon "belt" now. Not sure why I went with double instead of one ribbon. Anyway, I also added some bows to her hair. I wasn't going for an under the sea enchantment hair do but that what I ended up with, haha! I love it! I also ended up repainting her shoes entirely as her jewelry. I think the silver is more appealing than stark white plastic. I also think it’s a nice opposite contrast to Ever After High Cupid's gold accessories.

CA Cupid MH 2014 (1)CA Cupid MH 2014 (2)

CA Cupid MH 2014 (3a)CA Cupid MH 2014 (3)CA Cupid MH 2014 (4)

CA Cupid MH 2014 (5)CA Cupid MH 2014 (7)CA Cupid MH 2014 (6)

CA Cupid MH 2014 (8)

CA Cupid MH 2014 (12)CA Cupid MH 2014 (9)CA Cupid MH 2014 (10)

And another friend gifted me an Ever After High Cupid, hohoho!
CA Cupid MH 2014 (13)