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Cheshire Cat

A little drawing of the Cheshire Cat in Ever After High. I really like her design and wanted to take a stab at her. Started off with markers and color pencils but Prismacolors selection of purples and violets are stark in comparison to each other that it's difficult to acheive a smooth color gradiation. I'm sure a more skilled person can do it but I can't so I finished her off in Photoshop. Mostly highlights and hair shadows.

Dear Mattel,

If I had money I'd totally buy the fairy parents in doll form.




Found out that drawing pads were 67% off at a craft and art supply store and rushed over despite being sleep deprived and achy. I finally have my standard 9 x 11" sketchbook! I tried using some from my stash of pocket sized books instead but I couldn't do it. For one, I haven't been in the best drawing mood lately and using the little books only drove me further away. I originally bought the little books to use as environment studies when I'm out but A) I'm never out and B) I'm too easily distracted or embarrassed to actually do environment studies. Which, by the way, is why I suck at backgrounds. I then a saw a friend upload some art and got the "Ooh, I wanna draw" twinge and broke in Sketchbook 2015.

Zelda. Because Zelda.*

And some attempts at Jane on the smaller sketchbook. Ugh, I can't even draw my own characters anymore I'm so out of practice I fail at self discipline.

This also reminds me that I haven't scanned sketchbooks 2013 or 2014 into what once was my massive annual doodle page...

Two Sides of the Same Cupid

These are some photos showing both my Cupids side by side. I've also provided original promo work of the dolls because I often forget majority of people don't know what these dolls look like before hand.

And here's what they looked like originally. Sort of.*

*The actual toys never ever look this nice. Their hair is always a tangled mess!

Ever After High C.A. Cupid

I finished EAH Cupid back in January and had hopes of photographing them for Valentine's Day but that didn't happen.

Really wanted her to look similar to her Monster High counterpart but it's a bit difficult when their face sculpts are so different. I was somewhat disappointed when I stood her next to my Madeline Hatter and saw how similar they looked despite having different make-up. That's the trouble with all EAH dolls having the same bobblehead mold. Thankfully, the thick fake eyelashes really helped push her towards what I wanted. I decided the gold plastic on her accessories was too dull so I painted on some brighter gold on the raised designs and wow did that make things pop! Quite happy with how she turned out.

Some close ups of some of the repainting that went into her accessories.

Monster High CA Cupid, Part 2

My Monster High C.A. Cupid is finally complete! I'm still missing her arrow ring but I can live without that for now. Here are some updated photographs of her and her new bone wings with silver antiquing!

As usual, click for larger resolution

St. Link

Going through photo folder and found this from January.
I gave Link Cupid’s wings while I worked on her.
Patron saint of non talktaive badassery.

Or something.

Have another:

Commission: Howleen

A face up commission I just recently finished on a Geek Shriek Howleen doll. I added a wig to the doll for a few photos.


Woke up wanting to draw Rochelle Goyle from Monster High a little more gargoyle-y.
A nice way to finish up a sketchbook. I should have completed this sketchbook last November but I fell off the drawing horse for awhile.
Anyway, Rochelle! She's a cutie and I'm a sucker for gargoyles. Especially for Greg Weisman Gargoyles.

trying to draw

Zelda/ Sheik and fairies.